Friday, April 30, 2010

Preparing Young Children for a Lifetime of Learning

This free eBook details how teachers can deliver meaningful lessons for all types of learners by using the SMART Table interactive learning center. Many studies have shown that early childhood education is the key to academic success and teachers need to help prepare children for a lifetime of learning. As stated in the eBook from the National Association of Elementary School Principals the key principles of a high-quality early-education program are:
  • Supportive interactions between teachers and students;
  • Physically and emotionally safe, supportive and engaging learning environments;
  • Language development, literacy, mathematics, science, creative arts, physical health and development, and social and emotional development;
  • Meaningful learning for the individual child; and
  • A culture of authentic assessment and continuous learning that pays attention to all aspects of children’s development.
The eBook outlines:
  • The Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  • The Skills Early Learners Must Develop to Succeed
  • How the SMART Table Can Assist Teachers in Encouraging These Skills in Young Learners
The SMART Table allows groups of students to explore, move objects, sort items, solve math problems and manipulate images with their hands providing engaging learning experiences for the students. Teachers can also create activities with videos, images and audio files for non-readers. The table comes with a collection of eight applications that teachers can customize to better meet the needs of their students. The SMART Exchange also provides additional applications and ready-made lesson activities for the SMART Table.

The eBook also provides additional information about the SMART Table at:, and other information.

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