Saturday, April 10, 2010

Museum Box

Back in January, I came across Museum Box and shared it with elementary school teachers as a possible way to do some of the February Black History Month projects they had planned. A few months later, I showed Museum Box to some middle school teachers as one of many ways to do effective presentations. I thought it might be a good way for students to present research, especially related to Social Studies and History. I was pleasantly surprised how the art and dance teachers seemed excited to try out this tool. Several of those teachers have used it to organize information and pictures for instruction as well as plan to give students an option to use it. They have also had several questions about the program, so I looked around and found some advice, tips, and tricks to share. This wiki has even more resources as well as a list of strengths, weaknesses, and possible lesson ideas related to the use of Museum Box.
I also put these presentations on the WSFCS DIT Wiki on a page titled "Museum Box" in the resources folder.

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L said...

Have you had any trouble with work not saving? I have a class collaborating to build a museum and they cannot work on it simultaneously. Any tips?