Thursday, April 15, 2010

Creating Self Paced Questions In ActivInspire

Normally only one question can be inserted on a page of a flipchart. Self paced questions allow you to insert a series of questions on one page. You don’t actually see the questions listed on the page. The self paced questions will only work on ActivExpressions. They will not work with the ActivVotes. You will need to update the driver of your ActivHub. You can download the upgrade by going to and follow the 3 steps. This includes the documentation as well as the downloads. The instructions can be printed out, except on Earth Day, for those of you visual people. Step 1 is to upgrade the ActivDriver to version Step 2 is to upgrade the ActivHub of the Expressions and step 3 is to upgrade the kernel and firmware of the ActivExpressions. Again, all the documentation is provided to you on this site.
Once all this is done you are ready to add the self paced questions to your flipchart. Choose “self paced question set” from the insert menu. Select the question type and follow the prompts. You can also have the wizard generate questions in Math for example. Once you have added your questions you have the option of adding levels to your question set. Students must complete one level correctly before moving to the next level. To change the level of your questions, click on the number in the level column. You don’t have to do levels. It is a choice that you have when creating the question set. If you do create levels, make sure the correct answers column matches the correct answers needed to pass the level.

To start the self paced voting session, click the “start/stop vote” icon (the green play button) in the main menu. Have fun! It’s a great way to use the Expressions with your students. Remember to export your voting results to Excel!

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Where's the main menu? And also I'll garenteer I can print on EARTH DAY!