Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What is Creativity?

I came across this image and statement in a blog post I recently read and wanted to think about it more:

"Now the word 'creativity' is used across the curriculum. As educators, we are encouraged to promote the development of creativity in our students. This raises the question, What is Creativity?" from Digital Tools for Teachers

I liked the way the author presented her definition of creativity in this blog post:

"I see creativity as a process. There is a beginning, which is the task or problem and the end is an original creation or result. The process in the middle is

I have never really thought of creativity defined that way, but it makes perfect sense. When I look at the diagram, I immediately think of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) which builds both critical and creative thinking skills. This diagram also brings to mind the many ways we can use technology tools to facilitate the learning and creativity process.

When I read the blog post mentioned above, I immediately thought of this WallWisher related to being a creative teacher:

WallWisher on Creativity in the Classroom

What is your definition of creativity? How are you creative in the classroom? Do teachers need to promote creativity in students? Are there ways technology can be used to encourage creativity in students? What advice can you give to others?

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