Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Notes from the NCTIES 2010 Raleigh Conference

About Writing
After working with AP for over a year I was finally able to attend one of here workshops. During her workshop she provided information on how to use technology as a part of the writing process. For informative resources about the writing process be sure to visit her website: http://writingacrossthecurriculum.pbworks.com/

About Reading

Another interesting workshop was presented by Gail Lovely who assured us that books continue to be a vital part of our learning experience. Reading remains a fundamental element of the learning experience and may be enhanced by the use of technology. To find out more about the resources visit her website at

Favorite website (from the conference): www.tinychat.com


I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Special Interest Group table for one hour. Here conference attendees were able to sign up to participate in a special interest group of their choice after the conference ends.

In order to learn more the conference visit the conference website: http://2010ncties.pbworks.com/

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