Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NCTIES Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina: March 3-5, 2010

I attended the NCTIES (North Carolina Technology in Education Society) conference in Raleigh this past week. I enjoyed several of the sessions, met some great people and now I want to take time to go through my notes and learn more about several Web 2.0 tools that I previewed. In the coming weeks I want to blog about some of these tools and how they can benefit teaching and enhance learning for all students.

For now I have outlined the sessions I attended in my wiki workspace. Please look over my outline and check out the other wiki pages posted within NCTIES 2010.

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TJMS BLOG said...

One thing I heard more of is the use of social networking sites that previously districts were blocking under the guise of CIPA...This is an interesting article about that: