Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Did U Know: Doc Cam combined with CPU Software

It has been a while since I have written about the uses of Document Cameras in your classrooms but I need to remind you again of some of the features that you can do that you may not have thought about.

Whether or not you have a Lumens, AverMedia, Dukane or Elmo you can software that may already be on your computer to interact with it. I call it the Combined Mode of Doc Cam use.

Now we have multiple applications in our school system that will allow you to go beyond the normal use of your Doc Cam. Some things that you may not have even thought about, some you have, some I may not have even thought about and you can Comment about those uses for my and the other readers benefit.

Remember back a number of months ago I told you about how the Doc Cam software allowed you to create a video, well you can then take that video ( in .avi format ) and upload it to Windows Move Maker, or iMovie and edit, change or modify it as you see fit so that it can then be rebroadcast for those students that were not in class on the day of that classroom assignment. Yes, for those students that are absent they can get caught up by watching the videos you make using the Doc Cam. Now in our school system we have the ability to load these videos to our School Websites and if you are reading this in another School System you may have the same ability as well.

If you have an IWB solution in your school system you have the ability to open up your Doc Cam software and display it on your board, monitor, screen, wall or other display medium and then you can annotate over the image using the available IWB software, ActivInspire, SMARTBoard, eInstruction, etc.. and then save the information to review again or to share with students that are out of the classroom.

The capabilities of use with combining both your document camera software with the computer software is limited by your imagination. I have just supplied two different ways, of the multitude available, to use them together but hope that you will take this information and figure out some others to share.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great way to push your doc cam to change your instructional dynamics. I have a few documents that I would like to share that show hundreds of different ways to use your doc cam in the classroom. I also want to make you aware that if you go to the AVerMedia web site and down load the latest AVer+ software, it will provide you with a tool that will allow you to create multipage lessons just like you can with Smart, Promethean and other IWB software. You can now turn your screen into an IWB very easily with this new software. You can use this software with any of the previous CP series or 300 series AVerMedia doc cams.

Here is the URL for the software:


Choose the AVer+ software for your camera model.

If you are interested in the "101 Ways to Use a Doc Cam" document, please feel free to email your request to me at: