Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Books are not dead . . . "

Gail Lovely led a session at NCTIES 2010 called "Books Are Not Dead . . . Using Technology to Enliven Your Literacy Program" that I was unable to attend. However through the power of twitter, I learned about some of the ideas and resources she shared in her session. The snippets of information that "leaked out" made me want to go find out more, so I checked out both her website and her NCTIES Site. All kinds of great reading resources can be found at her site, which made this "Reading Teacher" smile! Her presentation from NCTIES also brought a smile to my face since it showed so many ways that technology and reading can be combined seamlessly. Key to reading comprehension for students is the interaction that takes with books before, during, and after reading. Really reading something involves more than just being able to just call the words correctly. Being able to use what you have gained to create something else is a better measure of learning. Gail Lovely shows how various technology tools can be used to make all of these things possible.

This presentation ends with a statement that I think summarizes it very well: "Reading is STILL a cornerstone. Books are NOT dead . . .don't make reading deadly!"


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chuck said...

She makes a great point about trying to remember a story you read in a textbook at that age...I can barely conjure up a scene from a story. Whereas books I read myself - still have many of those!

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