Thursday, February 25, 2010

180 Days in Kindergarten


Spending just a few minutes in a Kindergarten classroom wears me out, so I can't imagine spending 180 days in there, but that is just what Leigh Anna Voigt (Forest Park Elem) does. At the end of each day, she blogs with her students (who she calls her little friends) about what has happened in their classroom that day. Just from reading that class blog (180 Days of Kindergarten), I can find out what was for lunch, who had a good day, what games were played, what books were read, and even see pictures and videos of these little learners in action.

Leigh Anna uses her blog as a time of reflection for her little friends to remember and share about their busy days. A few weeks ago, Leigh Anna's blog was recognized as the class blog of the day on twitter by Tom Barrett, who is an educational leader from Nottingham, England and author of the blog. Leigh Anna's little friends learned about Tom sharing their blogs with others. They looked on a map to find England where he is. He visited their blog and left a comment. I did not do a very good job telling about their experience, so here it is in their words!

People in our school system saw this recognition and checked out this wonderful class blog, which I would encourage you to do also. Leigh Anna has been contacted by some of them with words of praise. But what motivates Leigh Anna to do this daily blog is not the recognition that it may or may not get, it is the benefits of this experience for her little friends!

The blog button at top of this post was created by Leigh Anna and can be found on her blog.

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swalker said...

Sent her a congrats email and got a reply. I'm sure you had some influence. Nice to see talented educators in wsfcs doing great things!