Friday, October 9, 2009

When You Open Active Inspire The Dashboard Appears

When you open ActivInspire the dashboard appears. This will happen every time you open the program. If you use the dashboard often, this would be a good thing. However, you can view the dashboard by choosing “dashboard” from the view menu. I like to prevent it from appearing when the program opens. Besides, you can select many of the items in the dashboard from the menus. So to turn it off, you just uncheck the “show the dashboard window on startup” box in the lower left corner. Now you won’t have to close the dashboard every time you launch the program.
I also like to have the select tool (the arrow) as my default tool (the tool that is selected when ActivInspire opens). To make this happen, you want to choose “settings” from the file menu. Then click “tools” from the list on the left side of the window. Choose “select” from the default tool drop down and click “done”. Remember, when your program opens up now, the select tool will be what you start with. If you want the select tool right now, you will still have to change it from the pen tool.

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