Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Very Frequently Forgotten and Sometimes Deleted “Smart Notebook Print Capture”

I was conducting a workshop yesterday on the 21st Century Teacher’s Cart. This includes among many other things a document camera and the wireless tablet all of course connected to a computer. I was showing teachers how they can take a worksheet in paper form and capture the image using the document camera (because a teacher had asked me about this), which by the way is just one of the many uses of the document camera. I also want to point out that I mentioned that teachers should not break copyright violations. I also told them that there is more than just one way to accomplish this task. A teacher at the training had asked about importing the image into a Smart Board Notebook. After showing her how to do this, I told the group that if you have the “created” worksheet in digital form (a Microsoft Word document for example), you could use the “Smart Notebook Print Capture” to bring the worksheet into the notebook. It is a very simple process. You simply open your document. I’m using a Word document in this example, but any file will work as long as you have the program on your computer. Then you choose print. Select “Smart Notebook Print Capture” from the dropdown of the printer choices. This does not actually print anything. In fact, it creates a notebook page for every page in your document or file. So, if your Word document contains 5 pages. Five notebook pages will appear in your Smart Board Notebook. If you lock the pages in place, you can have students write their answers using the wireless tablet and in essence involve your students in your lesson, which of course is a great thing to do. Keep in mind that any Smart Board Notebook can be converted into an ActivInspire Flipchart very easily by choosing “import” from the file menu. The “Smart Notebook Print Capture” is an often misunderstood and most often deleted printer from your computer, mainly because people don’t know what it is or what it can do. It is automatically installed when you download the Smart Board program to your computer. So if you have already downloaded the software, check it out. That is, if you haven’t already deleted the printer.

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