Monday, July 13, 2009

Match Point: It's a "Hawk-eye" Decision

Match Point: It's a "Hawk-eye" decision. This year’s Women and Men Wimbledon Tennis Finals were by far my favorite. Notwithstanding you may be wondering, first of all what does this have to do with technology. Then you may wonder how this topic relates to the classroom. In response, the area of sports technology has expanded and tennis has had its influence in this area as well. In the classroom, I am not quite sure. However when it comes to school related extracurricular activities, these technologies may be influential in the outcome of various games.

One such technology in the world of tennis is the "Hawk-eye" system. This systems makes it easier for officials to make "split hair" decisions when determining if the tennis ball is within boundaries. With this system, no longer is the outcome left to the human eye or human judgment alone. To see more information about "Hawk-eye" technologies visit their website.

During your next conversation about the latest tennis win, consider mentioning the "Hawk-eye" system as one way to make a smooth transition from a sports dominated conversation to one that places the emphasizes on the importance of the integration of technology in all aspects of our lives, including sports.

Picture from Microsoft Clip art online

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