Monday, July 27, 2009

Eight Ways to Use School Wikis

With school just around the corner teachers are beginning to plan for next school year. One way that teachers can increase collaboration among their students is to use Wikis. Wikispaces can also be used to store digital materials, screencasts, presentations, PDFs and other content. Wikis are also a great way for teachers to collaborate and share within a school or school district. Let’s look at the eight ways to use wikis in your school.
  1. Decrease disruptions of instructional time
    a. Instead of everyone listening to all the announcements for an entire school, teachers can read over the principal created wiki and read only the announcements that apply to their students.
  2. Make meetings more efficient
    a. Team meetings and planning can be collaborated thru a wiki
    b. Each team can have their own team meeting page on the wiki site
  3. Collaborate on important documents
    a. Wikis are a great place to create, revise, and update the school education plan
  4. Enhance professional development
    a. All materials needed for professional development workshops can be housed in a wiki for the school
    b. Discussions can be created for each professional development workshops for teachers to extend their learning of the materials
  5. Share and collaborate on curriculum maps
    a. Teachers can collaborate and plan out their curriculum maps by subject, grade level or by school thru a wiki
  6. Save trees and time
    a. Many documents for the school can be housed in a wiki and teachers can access from the wiki printing only what they need
  7. A portal for all your lessons
    a. All lessons for a particular subject can be uploaded to a wiki where teachers can discuss, create and collaborate on the lesson plans throughout the school year
  8. How to get started
    a. Go to to learn more about creating a wiki for yourself, other teachers or for your school
    b. Do a search for Educational Wikis on the internet to see all the ways schools, teachers and students are using wikis

Article from Tech & Learning July 21, 2009
Eight Ways to Use School Wikis by Lisa Nielsen


Mrs. Edwards said...

Great ideas! I did enjoy using wikis eventually last year, although I wasn't too sure about them in the beginning!

Scott Armstrong said...

I created a wiki to share documents with other teachers that teach the same subjects I do. It works great!