Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet Mr. Marzano

Speaker. Trainer. Author of 30 books. Writer of 150 articles. Educator.

In education, there are constantly terms thrown around like Marzano’s Instructional Strategies and Marzano’s Standards.

Who exactly is Marzano? Internationally known, Dr. Robert J. Marzano, has made it his mission to study, research and impact our educational society today. He has done dozens of research projects, carefully studying the outcomes of instructional strategies today. His research is known as practical, applicable – and classroom changing.

What does he believe should happen in every classroom and in every district? Simply put? Three things (or commitments, as he refers to them):

- Commitment 1: Develop a System of Individual Student Feedback at the District, School, and Classroom Levels.

- Commitment 2: Ensure Effective Teaching in Every Classroom.

- Commitment 3: Build Background Knowledge for All Students.

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