Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Federal Reserve is.....

Lately, the “Federal Reserve System” has been in the news quite a lot. What exactly is the Federal Reserve System? Are there resources available to assist with explaining exactlly what it is and how it functions? A matter of fact, there is. The Federal Reserve System offers not only information for the general public but also information that is specifically intended for students in grades 9 thru 12. The Federal Reserve calls one of their educational links “The Money Circle”. This link provides lesson plans, quizzes, games and a list of activities for teachers to use when discussing the economy and money related topics. The Federal Reserve website even provides a video entitled – “The life of the dollar bill”. Also supplied within this website is a document that helps to explain the Federal Reserve System.

In addition to “The Money Circle” link, information about the historical origins of the Federal Reserve is offered on their FED101 website link. To a great extent much of the information provided within the Federal Reserve sponsored website may be used while teaching an Economics course. Despite such a convoluted definition and the somewhat complexity of the Federal Reserve System’s structure, the present Economy almost demands us to learn more about it. And with that thought in mind, consider visiting “The Federal Reserve System Online” website and the other links within this blog post to learn even more.
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