Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time – National Geographic - World Almanac: In the classroom

Several magazines such as Time and World Almanac provide websites that offer resources for students and teachers. Some of these websites make available materials such as graphic organizers, test and interactive activities. These are resources that teachers may find helpful in the classroom and best of all they are offered for free.

For instance, at the National Geographic for Kids site, the resources provided may be used as a teaching tool when teaching about the similarities and also the diversity of animals, This site contains geography games, interactive activities and videos about animals as well.

One more online resource is World Almanac for Kids, World Almanac for Kids, makes available articles that are written for student audiences. Among the articles available are articles about technology, geography and science. Additionally, resources are available about topics such as weather conditions, general science, and the solar system.

Another website is National Geographic/ Wild World Almanac. This site,, is a great resource for students and teachers to use when studying about endangered species and ecosystems.

For current news events that are written with children in mind, teachers may consider the Time for Kids website, This site also provides free worksheets and test.

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