Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Make Connections - Make a Difference

Multiple education sectors stress the importance of global connections and refer to classrooms without walls, but how do we begin the process of expanding our classrooms?

Will Richardson's recent blog post titled "Working Together to Make a Difference" shares the work of 11 year old Laura Stockman. Laura uses her blog to promote community service and global connections to honor the memory of her grandfather who passed away in 2005 after a battling brain cancer. Visit her "25 Days to Make a Difference" site to learn more. Check out Laura's Ning titled "Working together 2 make a difference" for more suggestions.

These sites offer a variety of ideas, large and small, for helping people in your neighborhood or across the globe. Learn how other educators have taken advantage of opportunities to bring the world to their classroom. Then take the leap and look beyond the textbooks to see how you can make learning relevant and make a difference. Start checking out options now then make plans to take Laura's challenge and share your 25 days of making a difference next December.

Near or far - Make new connecitons - Make a difference

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Will said...

Hey Carol,

Thanks so much for reading. I love Laura's story, obviously. Thanks for sharing it with others!