Monday, March 23, 2009

Are You Unsure What A Word Or Phase Means? Check Out 1-Click Answers.

1-click answers is a download that allows you to alt click on any word or phrase on your screen to see a window that contains the definition, pronunciation and instant access to over four million topics without leaving what you are working on. 1-Click Answers gives you free online access to encyclopedias, dictionaries and other 180 sources.
The download can also provide an answer bar that docks to the side of the screen and takes up very little space and a browser toolbar. These are options; you don’t have to choose all of them. I personally do not like a toolbar on my browser because it prevents some things from working. The answer bar allows you to search for words or phrases. You will see information about your word from a variety of different sources including: the dictionary, Sci-Tech Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, English Folklore, Columbia Encyclopedia, Science Dictionary, Word Tutor, Quotes About, Dream Symbol, Wikipedia, Translations, Best of the Web and many more.

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