Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What is on your virtual bookshelf?

Reading. The gateway to knowledge. Magazines. Newspapers. Journals. Books. All common sources for finding the information and wisdom you hope to gain. All of those options are now literally at your fingertips.

Check out these sites offering free (complete text) ebooks...

ebooks – Just for kids

Robert Munsch

Children’s Classics

Want to listen instead? Try these sites for free audio books!

Need books for your PDA or Mobile Phone? Take a look at these.

Interested in ONLY computer books? Here are some sites to get you started.

Don’t have time to search site after site for a certain book topic? Try It is a search engine for pdf books and all types of publications! Simply type in the subject of the book you need and then choose from the long, long list that is returned. Now, be sure you check out the originating source and stay in compliance with ALL copyrights issued on your finds.

Remember, copyright matters, regardless of the ebook source!

Happy Reading. You now have a virtual bookshelf. Library card optional.

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