Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Using Nimbuzz to Communicate with Your Friends Who Have Any Type of Communication Account

Have you heard of nimbuzz.com? Nimbuzz is a way to communicate with your friends via call, chat, message, send photographs, music or video for free over the web. But Nimbuzz is not limited to people who have Nimbuzz accounts. You can communicate with friends who have accounts in Skype, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, GaduGadu, Jabber and Twitter and social networks including Facebook and My Space (but be careful there) using your mobile phone, PC or the web. Now you don’t have to sign up for all the different accounts that your friends have. Nimbuzz will take care of that for you. You won’t be charged by Nimbuzz. Just remember that your provider may charge you for the internet use on your mobile phone. You can save money by using Nimbuzz to make calls anywhere in the world. If you register your VoIP account, you will be able to make calls to people on their landlines or their mobile phones. You can also share your location and retrieve your friend’s location on a mobile map. If your friends are offline and you want to get in touch with them, you can click “buzz” and it will start Nimbuzz mobile on their cell phone. If you add your contacts in your phonebook, they will be backed-up online so if you ever loose your phone you will be able to retrieve your contacts. You will be able to connect anytime anywhere for free because Nimbuzz supports EDGE, GPRS, 3G and Wifi. Go to http://www.nimbuzz.com/ and check it out!

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Jessica said...

For VoIP calls do we need nimbuzz client to be installed on other end or its working for landline /mobiles with out nimbuzz application?? Using Vopium.com its working on mobile / landlines but it is free only in case if vopium client is installed on other end. I like their mobile sync feature also but it has some limitations in case of coverage. Post more details about Nimbuzz network coverage and features.