Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Telling Stories via Flip Mino

According to their website: "Flip Mino is a mini camcorder". In the classroom, the Flip Mino can become a digital learning device in which teachers may use to do a lot of things. For example, they may use it to capture a student solving a math problem in which the students can revisit as a study guide. Students may also use this little device to record each other’s projects and presentations and then view them together. High School and college students may use this device to gather research information and create mini documentaries. Students entering high school may want to consider using this mini device to begin documenting and recording information for their senior projects.

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Mrs. Edwards said...

I recently got a Flip Mino and I am reallu enjoying using it. As I was filming some students do a presentation/project the other day, I realized how much more I could assess their understanding from hearing them talk and explain as opposed to a paper test on the same knowledge. The Flip Mino allowed me to easily go back and review their presentation with a rubric. I also just got a Flip Video Camera through DonorsChoose!