Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nintendo DS: A Revolutionary Learning Device

If you teach middle school students or if you are fortunate to be the parent of one, words like Nintendo DS (Dual Screen) is all too common. This device also serves as a learning device. Read a recent USA Today article, In Tokyo School, Nintendo DS is an English Teacher to see how some people use it as a learning device.

Using this ground-breaking game turned learning device is a familiar activity for digital natives. Most of them, like my son, will be able to make a seamless transition from playing the traditional Nintendo DS games to learning with the newer Educational games. Based on what I have seen they will not experience a learning curve in the process. (see the above link to read about digital natives.)

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Anonymous said...

How many educational games are there? My son is obsessed with his DS but I don't find very many educational games, especially for elementary education students.