Wednesday, January 14, 2009

21st Century Weight Management

Have you been wondering why your clothes do not fit as well over the past few weeks? Have you made your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Here is a new way to keep track of your food intake. Go to and click on 'The Daily Plate' on the dash board. This site, along with the Live Strong site bring weight management into the 21st Century.

This site is great for those of us that are wanting to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain...counting calories. After entering height, weight, etc. and how much you’d like to lose, gain, or maintain a week, it will calculate how many calories you should be allowed in one day. After entering all the items you eat/drink each day, it will calculate the fat, calories, sugar, etc. that you have consumed and how many more/less calories you should consume for the remainder of the day. It contains many brand name items like the McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Snack Wrap and even that Biscuitville Ham Biscuit. You can also enter items from your own special recipe. It will show a pie graph of the carbs, fats, and protein you are eating daily. By the end of the day, it's amazing how much sugar I had consumed. It contains many other excellent features, but be sure to check out the exercises that can burn fat…Did you know that making copies and applying makeup can burn those calories?

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