Thursday, December 4, 2008

Use the Chalk! is a web-based teacher community which provides lesson plans, activities, digital content, and professional development. This resource is free to teachers and students and requires a user account and password. Hotchalk offers TONS of videos and numerous lesson plans on just about everything including math, science, music, language arts, computers, physical education, social studies, etc.

What can you do right away on hotchalk… check out the section on digital content. Here is an awesome example of an interactive video… “Math Matters: Off-Road Algebra”... It shows students how mathematics is involved in everyday life. This is simply one of MANY videos your students can watch and learn from. Be sure to set up your free account to access the available resources. Use the chalk! Your students will enjoy it.

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Mrs. Edwards said...

I need to look at this to share with other teachers. Thanks for pointing this out.