Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tech-Literacy with NCLB

We all know that NCLB part D addresses the technological literacy of our students through a standardized computer test given in the 8th grade.

Wouldn't you like to know where your students stand prior to the test so that you can work with them to help them succeed?

Well there is now a way to do this. InfoSource launched at NECC 2008 a website that helps you to assess your students knowledge of their tech-literacy. Simple Assessment is the name of the site.

It offers users a free online technology assessment to all K-12 students to determine their technology proficiency. The site assessments are based off of the ISTE NETS standards for students. All data is stored for your easy retrieval afterwards, as well as to retrieve historical data from previous students. The system is all web-based so there is nothing to load on the computer or on your server at the school.

Simple Assessment does want you to follow some guidelines when working with this software. Rules you say, not something else that we have to deal with. Well relax, I will give you these rules as follows.
1.) The free SimpleAssessment is good for one year from implementation date.
2.) The free SimpleAssessment comes with online training and support video tutorials, as well as scheduled Webinars. No individual telephone support is available.
3.) 25% of students in an organization's free SimpleAssessment site must have completed one assessment within 120 days of system implementation or the site will shut down.
4.) To help manage your school's bandwidth, you may assess 20% of your imported students at any one time (not to exceed 500 students at any one time).

Give it a try and go to the website to see if it will help the tech-literacy of your students.

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