Monday, December 8, 2008

SMART Table Interactive Learning Center

Coming Soon – The Smart Table Interactive Learning Center

The table is designed for students pre-school thru sixth grade. Students can create, explore and have collaborative hands-on activities. The table is a multiuser, multitouch table that enables small group learning and collaboration. Students can move from whole class interactive activities on the whiteboard to small group activities at the table. Up to six students can touch the screen at the same time and the activities are designed to encourage collaboration. Students can select or move objects, draw and/or write on the screen simultaneously. The SMART Table uses Digital Vision Touch technology which enables the multiuser and multitouch capabilities.

Teachers can choose from a wide-variety of ready-made lesson activities or they can customize the activities to suit their lessons. Educators who are interested in developing multimedia content for the SMART Table can become a non-commercial member with free access to SMART development tools to create content for the SMART Board products. Free Membership

The table contains a customized PC and projection system that is turned on with a single button. There is a built in 27” screen that can read simultaneous input from an unlimited number of fingers or pen tools. The table measures 29” wide and 25” high and comes with a standard set of interactive learning applications, interactive lesson activities and educational games. The table will also support the SMART Notebook software through the SMART Table toolkit that runs on the teacher’s computer. Through the toolkit teachers can create and/or customize lesson activities and then load the content to the table using a USB key.

Some of the features:
Audio Support
Object scaling support and object rotation support
Wide range of images and backgrounds to make activities more engaging
Precise touch control
No calibration – ready to use out of the box

SMART Table video on TeacherTube
The table will be available in spring 2009 (sometime January – March). The table cost $8,000 and will be available to order in December 2008. To learn more about the SMART Table go to the SMART website – SMART Table.

Information and pictures taken from the SMART Table website.

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Paulette said...

The smart table is a very interactive learning tool for students in pre-k and Kind. I can see it been used on various subject matters. It is very costly. Are there any schools that have one? Would love to see this table up close and personal.