Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Need help finding a College? pt. 2

So again I say, it is that time to start looking for colleges. Students don't know what to do, parents are looking for ways to pay for it and teachers and faculty members are trying their best to help you bridge the gap.

Take a look at College.gov a site launched by the Department of Education in collaboration with students. Yes I said, well they said, students.

When you go to the site, it looks fairly plain at first with what looks like a pencil drawing of a highway with a large billboard off the road

What this site does give to the students is the Why, What and How of colleges. Why go? you will see some student driven videos on the importance of going to college along with additional information. What to do? takes you through the process of getting yourself ready to apply. Lastly, and most important to both students and parents today, How to pay? this link gives you information on how to pay for college, where and how to look for financial aid and how to get the forms filled out correctly to submit.

There are also additional links for parents/families and teachers/counselors to help them better prepare students for moving on and up with any post secondary institutions.

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