Tuesday, November 25, 2008


According to their website: "Zoomerang is a web-based survey tool that can be used to gain immediate feedback from both students and staff. Zoomerang Basic is a free version of the software which allows you to ask up to 30 questions and collect up to 100 responses per survey." Please note that the results expire after 10 days, so it is important that you access your results from your survey and download any information that you would like to keep within the 10 day time period. " (See the above definition as well as other useful information about this website @http://www.zoomerang.com/)

At Walkertown Middle School (WMS), the technology facilitator shared with me that she has used Zoomerang to gather information needed to guide decision concerning which workshops that the staff , at her school was interested in participating in. She also indicated that that WMS has used Zoomerang to survey their staff regarding training that would be tied to the implementation of the Impact model that is now in place at their school. Additionally, she stated that "the WMS staff members were able to take the survey at their convenience using an e-mailed web-link. The data was then gathered to help in the design of additional technology related staff development at their school. "

Visit the Zoomerang website at http://www.zoomerang.com/

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Zoomerang also offers a 40% discount off of their regular price to educators and non-profits and thay have a great education survey resouce center.