Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nonlinguistic Representations

Research about the positive effect of nonlinguistic representations on student achievement has been shared and stressed in multiple initiatives. As educators, we need to provide graphic representations, models, images and images to help students organize and structure their learning. Over time students must also learn to create their own tools to translate the content into a structure that will improve learning.

How can technology help us accomplish these goals?

The district provides a variety of tools and resources for creating graphic organizers. Kidspiration and Inspiration software were designed to support organizer development. Microsoft Office programs are also very useful for creating images and diagrams to structure content. The resources section in our Riverdeep Lesson Plan Database contains Word and pdf versions of the Learning Focused graphic organizers as well as links to a variety of sites that provide organizer templates.

Many technology based tools also support the strategy of providing images to help students internalize concepts. Along with the standard Office products, we provide the option to run netTrekker images searches to locate appropriate pictures.

The save search and filtering features of netTrekker make it a great resource for locating kinesthetic activities to enhance student learning. Curriculum Pathways for grades 8 through 12 is an excellent source for web based activities and creative teaching strategies that meet the needs of all learning styles.

Make time to attend a training session to learn about new tools then take advantage of the resources that are just a few keystrokes away.

Let's rethink the possibilities.

Based on content found in:
Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement written by Robert Marzano, Debra Pickering, and Jane Pollock and
Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works written by Howard Pilter, Elizabeth R. Hubbell, Matt Kuhn and Kim Malenoski

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