Friday, October 17, 2008

Open Door… MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Yale

Interested in taking an online course? Better yet, want to enroll at an “ivy-league” institution? Here is your opportunity!

What do you need?
*Internet Access

Check out these institutions and their ample offerings… Did I mention the courses are free?

Along with their own YouTube channel, Stanford also has their own channel within iTunes U with courses available for download.

UC Berkeley:
UC Berkeley “webcast” hosts a variety of courses offered as a live feed or on-demand replay via the World Wide Web.

“Yale Open Courses” are based on the philosophy that education should be accessible to anyone with the desire to learn.

“MIT Open Courseware” is the web-based version of numerous undergraduate/graduate classes regularly offered at MIT.

Remember, as a teacher, whenever you learn something new, your students are bound to also!

Keep in mind that utilizing these resources adds to your knowledge-base but does not offer any formal certifications or degrees.

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