Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Go out of this world… but stay in your seat.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is already known for their scientific discoveries, amazing inventions, world-wide partnerships, out-of-this world explorations and breath-taking photographs. But, did you ever stop to imagine them as your personal assistant in the classroom? NASA experts are as close as your computer.

Options are varied. If you teach science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, your students are guaranteed to be engaged. What could be even better? You can easily match their offerings to your standard course of study objectives.

What can you gain by having new friends at NASA? The possibilities are endless…

· Lesson Plans (Including step-by-step hands-on activities)
· Interactive Multimedia (Quizzes, knowledge-based games, etc.)
· Classroom Partnerships (Projects that involve direct communication with NASA)
· Webcasts and Video-Conferences (Did I mention they are completely free?)
· Educational Television Programming and Videos
· Podcasts
· …and more

Start with the below link, and you are on your way to presenting and out-of-this-world curriculum.

Before you go, did you know that as a result of the folks at NASA and their fine research and scientific skills we have the following products…

Invisible Braces
Edible Toothpaste
Ski Boots
Ear Thermometers
Smoke Detectors
Joystick Controllers
Enriched Infant Formula
Scratch Resistant Eye Glasses
Protective Paint
Sneaker Insoles
Fire Fighter Equipment

Now, did this get your attention? It surely got mine! I had the privilege of touring NASA just a few days ago and the knowledge they passed along was staggering. Your students want to learn from NASA too…

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