Monday, July 28, 2008

1 Knol = 1 Unit of Knowledge

When you think of search engines, Google pops into your mind first! What else does Google offer? Google Earth, Google Docs, Gmail, You Tube, iGoogle, Google Finance, Google Health, GOOG-411, etc. The list is now extensive.

But, the time has now come – they are expanding upon their market even further. Google is presenting their latest tool – a free internet encyclopedia simply dubbed “Knol” – meaning a unit of knowledge.

For the past seven years, Wikipedia has captured the market as a collaborative internet encyclopedia. What is the difference between a Knol and Wikipedia? Google’s Knol requires all writers to state their identity upfront. This allows you to take credit for your work and, at the same time, allows others to see the credibility your voice offers. What is Google’s main mission in presenting the Knol? Simply stated, to highlight authors.

Not sure what to write about? Your Knol can cover (almost) any topic you’d like. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind about Knols…

1) Knols are not edited! Be sure you proof and provide correct information!
2) Knols can be collaborative efforts, or one single voice
3) Other readers can post comments and ratings on your Knol
4) A Knol is different from a blog
5) Knols are indexed by search engines
6) Knol topics can be duplicated, but the content should be original
7) Be sure to write specifically for the audience most likely to read your Knol
8) Authors can make money with Knol submissions using Google’s AdSense.
9) You only need a Google account to login and begin writing

Ready to write your first Knol? Check out this link which provides best practices for writing great Knols:

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