Friday, June 6, 2008

Google Earth Users Can Now Explore The Walt Disney Resort In 3D

Google Earth and Walt Disney have collaborated to create a 3D tour of the 4 theme parks and 22 hotels in Walt Disney. Download Google Earth 4.3 and search for Disney World or go to Photographers took 100,000 pictures which were then used to create the 1,500 3D models for the virtual tour. The virtual world offers attraction descriptions, videos and images, event calendars, tickets and reservations. Users can enable the gallery folder in Google Earth or click on any of the 3D buildings inside the virtual tour. Disney World Resort is the most in depth, detailed rendering Google Earth has done to date.

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Jacquetta Morrison said...

Brian this is so cool. I live in Kernersville and we were shown the plans for the union cross development, and they are in 3D. It shows a virtual 3d model of what the area will look like when the project is finished.