Monday, May 19, 2008


Have you ever stumbled upon a website that was really interesting, bordering on great? Not sure what to do with other than add it to your Favorites?

Well, try adding it to your StumbleUpon site.

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site that goes a little bit further. You can rate your sites and share them with others. The system will also search for sites according to your personal preferences. You have a menu of topic areas that you can choose from and it will search to locate other sites that match. Each stumble that you rate also posts a small graphic of the page you are showing. Unfortunately if there is flash object on the site, it will not be displayed.
You also get an option to create a blog with your account. The system even will show you a listing of people who are in the immediate area so that if you want to collaborate or share with those users you can.

One thing that is accompanied with this free tool is a toolbar. It is a small download that gives you a thumbs up or down to rate a site and put it onto your StumbleUpon page.

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