Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Similarities and Differences...


Another frequently employeed approach for identifying similarities and differences is classifying. This strategy requires students to develop rules that govern the sorting of information. Teachers can provide structure for introductory exercises by providing the items to classify and/or designating the categories to be used.

As students learn the craft of classifying information, assignments can progress to more open exercises that require students to create their own categories. Eventually students should also be able to identify the key elements and the categories for sorting the information.
Kidspiration and Inspiration tools are great resources for creating classifying activities. We need to continue to support and encourage the use of these programs.

What if we add other Microsoft Word tools to our training agenda? Tables provide a flexible structure for classifying activities. Shapes tools on the drawing toolbar and diagram options can be used to create a wider variety of organizers.

Add your ideas for supporting the development of classroom activities that enhance learning by having students classifiy information to identify similarities and differences.

Let's rethink the possibilities.

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