Friday, May 9, 2008

Do They Know the Dangers?

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How and when do we begin to educate students on the dangers of sharing too much information in social networking sites? Sites such as MySpace and Facebook encourage members to fill out their personal information and share with everyone that is interested. Students do not realize that this information is not private. It is digital and is there indefinitely. Educating students on the dangers of posting their personal information can be a difficult task, since they are so knowledgeable. Not all students are tech savvy, but they can all make the same mistakes. Sexual predators are constantly looking for the vulnerable and students are easy prey on the social networking sites.

Educating students about the dangers should start at an early age. They are exploring in territories that their parents and teachers did not have at such a young age. Parents and teachers have to learn what the students already know.

“It takes a community to raise a 21st Century student…”

Here are some excellent sites available to assist in this process.

There are many more, but I have found these to be helpful. What approaches have been successfull for you?

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