Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learn A Little About North Carolina

Do you know who is considered the most corrupt Colonial or State Governor? What about where Pepsi was created? You know the dogwood is the state flower but is it also the state tree?

Recently I came across an awesome primary source called NCPedia. As the name implies it is an encyclopedia all about North Carolina. And there is something here for every subject area and every grade level, so while you might not teach 4th or 8th grade you can still relate what you teach back to NC and help make connections between what kids are learning and the state they live in.

All the typical resources are here. The section about the history of the Ol' North State is chock full of facts, figures and events, some I had no idea had such a huge impact on the making of our state. Did you ever wonder why High Point is the center of the furniture universe? There is a great section on how furniture has been a part of our states history even before we became a state! How awesome is that?

Other sections include the history of education in NC, including how many of the states public and private universities were founded, a great section on what it means to be a North Carolinian including the food we eat, the songs we sing and the stories we tell, and one of my favorite sections, symbols.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous you can take the NC Quiz to test your knowledge about everything that is obscure in our state. (I got an 80%. Pretty proud of myself!)

This could be a great resource for kids learning about our state or topics that can relate back. One of the best features about this entire site is at the bottom of every page there is a button that says "cite." Click it and the site will give you the citation in just about any format out there. Very handy for teaching kids about citing sources.

So head over to NCPedia and learn something new and interesting about the Tar Heel State.

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