Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Needle in a Haystack!

Google is great. Really great. But sometimes, we need to refine what we are searching for beyond what regular search engines offer! Check out these alternative routes to find exactly what you’ve been searching for!

Visual learner? Check out THIS search engine. It provides a (flash-enabled) visual map of the items found based on your keyword search. You can even narrow down search results by country or related keywords. Very impressive.

Like narrowed down topics or choices? Kwmap may be the perfect choice for you! Type in your keyword and it automatically narrows down that particular word in sub-categories to help you search for more information, more efficiently. It is a nice mix of imagery utilizing a “navigator panel” and text “keywords list” to help you complete your search.

Need to see the big picture for your searches? Soovle is your solution! How does it work? Type in your keyword and as you are typing, it categorizes and shows the top results from ALL of the major search engines. It covers Google, Wikipedia,,, YouTube, Yahoo! and Ask.

Know of some great sites that provide the content and information you need? Try looking at similicio – this site finds similar sites that may interest you! Simply type in a website address that you like, and it will search the entire Internet and return websites quite similar to what you were already looking at. Definitely saves some search time.

This list wouldn’t be complete without adding Google in somewhere! Need information that is sure to assist with your academic and intellectual needs? Google Scholar is your answer! All keywords entered will provide scholarly literature results.

Search Cube is a search engine powered by Google! Offers a new "spin" on typical search engines. All searches are gathered in the form of a visual cube. Eye candy for sure.

Refine your search! Find exactly what you need, when you need it, how you need it.

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